Unwind and Explore: The Best Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

Hyderabad fort

Hyderabad is the budding silicon valley of India. It is also a startup hub in today’s time. It is a densely populated metropolitan city, where in one can relate the life of the people like in New York, ever moving, ever working.

It is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and it mostly sees more of Business tourists. The city has sprawled across and has increased its area in leaps with respect to its old city area. This Nizam city of Hyderabad is known for Charminar. And one should visit this beautiful architectural monument while in the city. Most of the traditional shops are also sprawled across this monument and one can enjoy shopping in this area.

In terms of food, one will be pampered in Hyderabad. With the variety of Biryanis and the kebabs, it is a pure gastronomic delight for anyone visiting this place.

Though, this city has changed its course and now is one of the fastest moving cities in India. One can enjoy the roadways and take trips to the near by places as their weekend getaways.

Goa –

At just 653.1 kms away one can hireHyderabad to Goa cabs and get to this place. This is the smallest state in India according to the area, however, once you reach there you will realize that it is a world in itself.

It lies on the Western coast of India and is very famous among backpackers in India and also across the globe. The hippie culture of Goa and the beautiful beaches will immediately get to a person once he enters the premises of Goa.

Goa has the crowd and it has the privacy. One can freak out and go crazy in this beautiful state or choose to be with oneself or the loved one enjoying the beautiful sceneries.

Warangal –

At just 144.3 kms away from Hyderabad, one can bookcabs from Hyderabad to Warangal and get to this place. This place sends you back to the olden days where the Kings and the Queens ruled. It is like traveling in time to that era.

This place is filled with beautiful places and one should visit the Parkhal Lake. It was earlier known as Oruguallu or Omtikonda or even Ekasilanagaram. The main reason for it being the existence of a massive hill. This hill on a glance looks like it has been entirely carved out of one stone.

Warangal also has the immense amount of natural beauty. One should visit the Parkhal Lake and also the wildlife sanctuaries while in this place.

Bidar –

At just 147.5 kms from Hyderabad, one can hire cabs in Hyderabad and get to this culturally rich place. This place is a must visit for all the history buffs and is filled with rich history and heritages to define that.

It is said that during the 11 th and the 16 th Century, this was one of the most flourishing cities that were present in South India, however, it lost that title over the time. Nevertheless, even today Bidar specimens of great architectural marvels with it that adds on to the beauty of that place.

Bidar also has a variety of flora and fauna and also has Godavari and Krishna River flowing through it. The place looks more beautiful with the presence of the temples and the other monumental building spread across it and one should visit this place to see the breathtaking beauty of this place.

Nagarjuna Sagar –

At 152.9 kms away from Hyderabad, this is one of ideal holiday getaways from Hyderabad. The dam that is present here is the world’s largest masonry dam. This dam is protected with 26 gates which measure 14 m in height and 13 m in width and is built across River Krishna.

The dam today attracts many tourists due to magnificence. Also, the cover of dense green surrounding it is an absolute catch and one should visit this dam.

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