Top 10 Custom Clothing Brands For Women In India

Custom Clothing Brands

Ethnic dress has a long history and is distinctive. From the superbly woven fabric to the energizing aroma of the many colors used, it’s stunning. Once upon a time, a person’s primary needs were food, housing, and clothing. But today these things are status symbols and fashion statements. Due to its unique and stunning designs, custom clothing is becoming increasingly popular. In the current world, clothing is no longer just a necessity. People in India tend to be trend-conscious vs brand-conscious.

We can provide you with information about bespoke clothes stores in India. Let’s move on to the leading custom clothing companies in India.

Top 10 Women’s Clothing Brands In India

FabIndia Women’s Ethnic Clothing

Fabindia provides an appropriate collection for the contemporary tastes of today’s women by using chosen designs that combine ethnic motifs and deft needlework. Design-wise, Fabindia supports the use of traditional components on all items of women’s clothes.

This extensive selection of modern clothing includes stoles, sarees, skirts, shirts, Fabindia kurtas, and sarees. You can completely transform your appearance and add a quirky touch to your look.

AND – A Women’s Clothing Brand

The goal of the AND brand is to offer modern Indian women clothing that is both fashionable and flattering to their individual styles. The full range of western attire for ladies is available in AND’s collection.

  • Women’s tops.
  • Women’s dresses and
  • Ladies’ outfits.

The outfits combine current and elegant elements, making you look and feel like a diva. Wearing them will ensure that you are the center of attention at any formal gathering or supper.


The Unique Boutique (UBAK), the company founded by Mrs. Arry Kaur, was established 17 years ago with the sole aim of giving consumers the highest quality clothing. Creating designs from your ideas is the foundational principle of the business. Mrs. Arry Kaur, the company’s founder, only works with the top fashion designers. Designers transform a drab concept into an eye-catching visual. The business is setting high standards for creative concepts and designs while providing services to people in India, Canada, and the US. Mrs. Arry Kaur ensures high-end fashion concepts. Also, she completely delights her clientele by creating custom clothing in eye-catching hues and striking patterns. You may get the most intriguing prints in the most outlandish designs at UBAK. 


Known for its quick fashion trends, Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish clothing retailer. You may find everything stylish for yourself at H&M, including glitzy evening dress, comfy daytime clothing, and adorable accessories. If you are willing to spend, the brand’s assortment will never let you down. To increase the products’ long-term sustainability, we strive to make them as durable as possible.


This Spanish brand, which was founded in the year 1975, is now a well-known one in the Indian market. This brand has long been a favorite among ladies for both formal and informal clothing. The brand seeks client satisfaction by offering you the most outstanding designs created by the top designers.

BIBA – Indian Ethnic Clothes

Meena Bindra founded the Biba clothing line in 1988 in New Delhi. She makes it one of the most well-known names in Indian ethnic wear for women. From chic salwar suits to stylish Kurtis, Biba’s range of Indo-western clothing is mind-boggling and Indian. For young girls from the age of two and above, the company also has a superb selection.


Aurelia is one of the top affordable ethnic clothing brands in India, much like any other ethnic clothing brand. The goal was to create a line that modern women could buy. A wide variety of kurtis, churidars, dupattas, and salwar-kurta sets are available at Aurelia. The pure polish that the Kurti bestows on its user is what gives it its grandeur.

Tommy Hilfiger

Among the many clothing brands in India, Tommy Hilfiger provides class and elegance. Tommy Hilfiger was established in 1985, but it took a while before it began selling in Indian stores. 2008 was the year that India’s first Tommy Hilfiger store debuted. Tommy Hilfiger creates stylish, urban-chic clothing for men and women that is of the highest caliber.

W For Women

In 2001, the Pasricha brothers founded W. The idea was to create outfits for Indian women in fashionable clothing as they advanced. W was the first clothing company to provide seven distinct garment sizes. Also available in three standard sizes. This demonstrates a dedication to the needs of the clientele. For festive occasions, W clothes offer a variety of delicate, pastel hues and rich, regal-looking clothing. Every young working lady dreams of having a W item in her closet.


Pantaloons’ Rangmanch is distinguished by a vibrant burst of color, as the name suggests! The collection also includes eye-catching greens and bold yellows. Rangmanch uses the delicate, lightweight, and fluttery Liva fabric. Rangmanch is known for producing kurtis, salwar kurta sets, dupattas, churidars, and anarkalis.

It’s Wrap

Holiday and wedding seasons are the perfect times to wear ethnic clothes. Thus, the high-end Indian fashion brands mentioned above will fulfill your desire to wear traditional and cultural attire.

You should have been able to select your preferred custom clothing brand in India using the list above. Make your choice now to rule the upcoming holiday and wedding seasons.

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