The Style Vault: Your Daily Dose of Fashion and The Indispensable Stone

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The word STYLE has been synonyms to Women since generations. It defines their approach to lifestyle, dressing, clothing, Jewellery, living and a lot more of other aspects in their day to day life. Style has different meanings for different people. For some its simple dressing, some match the colour of their attire with their accessories, some keep it low with light colours, some style themselves the #Gogreen way, some keep it modest, some Jazzy, some style as per the season and some style sparkly stealing all the attention.  Whatever be the style Jewellery has always been an essential part of the order.

Style with a Spark

 For the millions of women world across and their trillion styles, there is an ounce of love in the corner of their hearts for jewellery, yellow metal and above all “The Diamonds”. The love for diamonds surpasses every other materialistic craving a woman has.  Diamonds give a quintessential look for woman across all age groups, their unmatched elegance cannot be dispensed easily, and that has no replacement. From Queen Cleopatra to Elizabeth’s peacock throne, from Hollywood directors to Van Gogh’s paintings, everybody has been smitten by the charm of this stone. There are diamond sagas which are told to children till date on how wars were waged and powerful Kingdoms have been ruined to dust, such is the power of diamonds. Though western countries treat diamond as a highest stone to adorn, there are strong religious beliefs attached to this stone. Some Asian communities wear diamond as a good luck charm, they recommend diamonds to fight astrological polarities and also believe that diamond does not suit everyone.

Diamonds and their Subtlety

Diamonds give a subtle element of style which no other stone has. The spark they possess cannot be defined in words. They are very ideal for office wear as they do not give a flashy look, yet enhance the style to a great extent. Their fine drawn sparkle can be matched with every attire both bright and light, office formals or on party casuals. Studs are the preferred office wear; however one can also look for small diamond hanging earring designs that go well with office wear. Diamond ear wear in every style, shape and design attract women of all ages. They offer a whimsical grace to the person who adorns them.

All you want to know and where to buy a perfect diamond

First time diamond buyers are always haunted by a million questions if the diamond is worth the price or if the certification given by jeweller is authentic and on the grade, cut and clarity of the stone. There are lot of resources available online to get the basic knowledge on the stone. Pure diamond always comes with a certificate of authenticity, few of the world’s diamond certificates are issued by GIA, EGL and IGI.

Now find your perfect diamond at Vaibhav Jewellers Vizag branch, they are a jewellery house with over two decades of experience and have the finest quality diamond and gold jewellery. They also sell loose solitaires that can be mounted in a ring or can be customized in the form of a Solitaire bangle; you can also choose your design and customize your solitaire as per your preferences. They also have exclusive gemstone consultation services where you can check other precious stone collection.

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