Boost Senior Fall Prevention With These Simple Room By Room Tips

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Elderly people need to be taken care of in the right way at home. As they grow older, it becomes harder for them to travel or commute, to move around within their homes or outside. Providing the right geriatric care is a responsibility their children or family members must take care of.

Senior fall prevention basically means installing equipment and implementing safety measures around their general vicinity to help them stay stable as they move around.

Here are a few tips that you could use to make it easier for the elderly to reduce falling around their homes:

1. Look through a home from their perspective – While most elderly persons construct and live in their homes that they’ve inhabited for many years, it needs to be noted that most of the things they have kept around were bought when they were fitter. Now, when they are confined to a wheelchair or are using a walker for support, certain items may need to be moved to another place.

Using a walker or wheelchair to navigate through their TV, refrigerator, table lamps and more could be dangerous as they could bump into them or trip over the wires, throw rugs and other tiny items that can be hard to notice at first glance.

2. Check the lighting around the home – Lighting plays a major role in elderly fall prevention. Sometimes, due to age, their vision isn’t always the best and they could miss certain items that are just lying around. Make sure that there are good lighting sources around the place, especially at night. Place nightlights and the best-recommended watt bulbs so that an accident can be prevented.

3. Extra care around stairways and bathrooms – If there are stairways around the home, then another method to implement for quality elder care is to take precautions around them. Stairways could have good quality handrails that run across both sides. If they use walkers or wheelchairs, you may even consider upgrading to ramps instead of stairs. Bathrooms are another place where care is needed, so installing grab bars, handrails, as well as non-skid materials around the tub, could save lives.

4. Discuss any health concerns they might have – Elderly people might have certain health issues and initiating a conversation about them could trigger something bigger, wherein they could admit that it is getting difficult to do certain things. There are many benefits of prevention such as an annual health checkup that could help them, and you can suggest the same.

5. Keep an eye out for their walking and travelling habits:

If you’ve been around an elderly person for years, look out for anything unusual in the way they walk or move around the house. Some elderly people find it hard to walk and begin holding on to the things closest to them to move around. This means that they need help walking around and are probably too proud to admit the same.

Talk nicely to them and try to make them understand by saying that moving around gets more comfortable if they’d use extra help. They would find it so much easier to move around if they had a walking stick or a wheelchair.

6. Ask if they need additional help:

By hiring a personal nurse or caretaker, elders will find it easier to move around the home. They can tend to their needs and ensure that they d not find it difficult to get from one place to another. It also becomes a better way for them to communicate their concerns regarding anything.

In conclusion, elderly people require special care and attention as they age, especially when they need assistance with daily activities. It is important to create a safe and comfortable environment for them, where they can live with dignity and independence. It is the responsibility of their family members to provide them with the necessary geriatric care, which includes not only physical care but also emotional support and companionship. By ensuring that they receive the right care at home, we can improve their quality of life and help them age gracefully. It is a privilege to care for our elderly loved ones, and we should take this responsibility seriously to ensure they live their golden years with happiness and comfort.

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